Pest control is something which is needed for every house and office. You might not be able to detect those little ants, termites or even cockroaches which comes out to make merry when you asleep at night.

The pest are very small and this is why they carry or go in to the tiny cracks or in wall or wood of furniture. On the other hand if you have lots of books, you can be sure that there are lots of silverfish on it. Another great problem is that those pests causes health problems. They eat everything that you use in your home such as vessels which you will cook on that. Mainly disease like diarrhea and even asthma can happened cause of the pest. The kids in your home are not even safe if there stay those kind of pest.

Pest control for your home in Chattogram

Pests are active year-around. That means you need protection year-around.

Pests’ activity, their area in your home, which will search our experts and get preparation for removing them. Our skilled workers detect first and re-treat again from the initial service

And if the pest come back again, we will come again and give treatment with zero cost.

Now this is why you need pest control service in CTG. We offer various types of service in Chittagong. If you’re looking for residential pest which are disturbing you in your house. We are here to help you. Our pest control in CTG is known for its great quality service.


What kind of contamination can pests cause?

  • Transmission of pathogens
  • Rapid bacteria multiplication
  • Cross-contamination
  • Exposure to parasites
  • Stored food contamination


Physical Contamination

This type of contamination happens when exact objects contaminate foods. It can also cross into genetically contamination as bacteria can be moved to food on hair strands or fingernails.


  • Kitchen cleaning agents.  You should not keep food to be stored where you keep your chemical cleaning substances. When you keep them in close proximity you give the effective chemicals an easy entry point to the food. Always try to keep clean the kitchen.
  • Pest control products. As you don’t want pests getting to your food products you also have to be careful about getting pest prevention chemicals near the food. Products such as fly spray and rat poison are very dangerous. Store them to the safe place where kids can’t reach.
  • Chemicals used in equipment maintenance.  This equipment also have to be cleaned so that bacteria cannot grow. The most hygienic way to keep clean them is with dry ice cleaning services.



What is easiest way to get prevention from pest infestations?

There are various types of pests, and we know that the most common are bugs. This type of pest carry disease or virus which is harmful for you and your family members.When you clean your house, that time you can do prevention. You may keep your house bug free place. But it is not easy. But you have to be determine that why the bugs are coming to your home. Before you an examiner or pest control service in CTG to your home.

Close all cracks and gaps

The pest can come by your window even if they are close. Because maybe there has little points or whole. If your windows have screens, check whether there any leak or hole. If you have kids, you obviously want the automatic door closer system.

Keep your yard clean and well-maintained

Your yard also impacts pest infestation. For example, controlling the mosquito population means you need to get rid of any stagnant or pooled water. Poor lawn drainage can lead to standing water. You have to keep your yard neat and clean.

Clean and repair gutters and drains

Gutters are another point from where pest can get access. Repair any damage places as soon as possible.

Seal all openings used for utilities

If pest get any opening they will enter at your home. Our CTG pest control service recommends that all of utility entry point should sealed.You have to seal these open caulk things.

Cover roof vents and chimneys with wire mesh

You do not need to cover up all the openings. Use a fine wire mesh to cover vents.


Always keep your house clean

Bugs usually come to your home to look for food, water, and shelter. If you delete clutter and keep your home tidy and clean, you are going to right tract to the occurrence of pest infestation. Your kitchen should be neat and clean, everytime you cook you will clean that after finished your work.And all food should be sealed and packed properly so that no pest can get access in it. If you are using your garage as a storage area, make sure that place is being cleaned everyday so that there no dust can stay.

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No More Pest Related Messes. By Choosing a pest control in Chitagong Company will put less work on you. It will ensure you from needing to spend time cleaning up dead bugs, rodents, pest droppings, or other related issues. Their service helps prevent pest-related messes.

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