A small cockroach, now known as the China cockroach, is breeding rapidly. Homes, shops, offices, courts, and hospitals are everywhere. According to many, this new breed of Chinese cockroach came to our country through the products of importers from China.


Because these cockroaches are different from the cockroaches in our country, they cannot be killed with ordinary disinfectants. Therefore, more harmful disinfectants than DDT are being imported from China to kill them. which can be bought from street vendors, and Chinese cockroach medicine can also be found in some seed stores.


Whereas large cockroaches used to eat leftovers, especially in kitchens, today’s Chinese cockroaches prefer to eat food directly. As well as carrying germs of various diseases. If nothing is done to stop this bother, it will soon become a big problem.


5 ways to repel cockroaches

In Dhaka, chainese cockroaches are increasing day by day. Cockroaches are not only annoying but also cause various ailments.


Various types of sprays and medicines are available on the market to get rid of cockroaches. But these sprays or medicines only sometimes work.


How to Get Rid of House Cockroaches

5 ways you can easily repel chainese cockroaches from your home, kitchen, bathroom, or living room in Dhaka


1. Grind some bay leaves. Place powdered bay leaves in places where cockroaches may congregate. Cockroaches cannot tolerate the smell of bay leaves. It will not kill moths but will keep them away from the house.


2. Mix equal amounts of baking soda and sugar and sprinkle them in rooms where cockroaches are likely to visit. The cockroaches will die immediately after eating them.


3. Take some cucumber peels in an aluminum can and leave it where the cockroaches come from. You will see that the cockroach infestation has stopped. When cucumber peel is mixed with aluminum, it makes a bad smell that kills cockroaches faster.


4. Place petroleum jelly, mango, banana, or apple peels in a jar. Place this jar where cockroaches enter the room. The smell of fruit peel will attract cockroaches; petroleum jelly will prevent cockroaches from entering the jar. When cockroaches swarm around the jar, spray them with soapy water. You will see that cockroaches are gone in no time.


5. Take one liter of water in a mug and mix it with one clove of garlic, one tablespoon of onion paste, and one tablespoon of pepper powder. Now spray it all over the house or in places where cockroaches are common. You will see that cockroaches are gone from your home.


If you notice a large number of chainese cockroaches in your home, kitchen, bathroom, or living room, contact a Dhaka chainese cockroach control company.

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